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Search engine optimization is a process of influencing the results of a search engine. The acronym for this process is SEO. The aim of the process is to make sure a site is ranked highly in the search engine results. Currently Google is the leading search engine. It is followed by Yahoo and Bing. It is estimated that Google has a market share of 80%, Yahoo 9.5%, Bing 8.5% and the rest 2%.

Search Queries

The search results that are used to rank a web site depend on the search query being input by users. These words are Known as search queries. To optimize a site, this important point has to be taken in to consideration. It is also important to note that the more a site is accessed, the high it will be ranked in the search results.

Power of Targeted TrafficThe power of high search engine ranking is that it will create targeted traffic to an organization’s website. It has been shown that targeted traffic can make or break an organization. The targeted traffic brings along with it publicity, revenue and exposure like no other channel marketing.

SEO and Content

There are guides on how an individual can do SEO and the tools that are available for this process. It is important that SEO is done right. Other wise it can damage the reputation of your site. The content presented once visitors come to your site should be useful content. It does not have to be exactly what they were looking for. It has however be something they find useful in one way or the another.

Organizations and individuals providing SEO do this by:

• They review a site’s structure and content.

• They advise on hosting, use of programming scripts, error pages and re-directions.

• They Work on keywords to use.

• They offer expert advice on target markets and their geographic representation.

• They provide SEO trainings to new website developers.

Tools to help in Search Engine Optimization

These tools will help in developing a high ranked website along with useful content.

Similar Page Checker

This tool helps you make your site unique to avoid being penalized for having content similar to other sites.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

This is a web search engine simulator that demonstrates how a search engine will crawl over your website.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis

This is a useful tool that helps use determine which text is used to back link to your site.

Sites That offer SEO advice are:

Search engine optimization is the best way to have your website up and running. It has proven ton be the way to get that much needed traffic. It has also been proven that when done wrongly, it can ruin a site’s ranking and how it is perceived by users. It is very important that it should be done correctly and professionally.

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